In-Person Group Fitness Program

Join our weekly womens boot camp

The Gunn Health & Fitness Team have specifically designed the Women's Group Fitness Program for those women, wanting to establish healthy habits for a happy healthy life.


The Group Fitness Program is a health and fitness program that is specific to Mums. We create a safe, fun and supportive environment of everyone, where you are challenged physically to strive towards your own individual health and fitness goals. The group training sessions are safe for all new Mums. The intensity of the exercises can be varied to suit any level of fitness as well as any postnatal pelvic floor or abdominal separation concerns. We always encourage you to listen to your body and not push yourself too far, too fast – you have been through a lot recently and need to go easy on yourselves.

Our sessions will incorporate indoor and outdoor workouts (subject to weather) that provide the opportunity for you to bring your little ones & older kids along to the sessions. We are family and breastfeeding friendly and want to encourage women to not feel as though they can't do group exercise because they don't have a babysitter. Bring some food, toys or whatever will keep them entertained as best as possible for the hour but remember you will never be too far from your children. 

We also provide progress tracking together with nutritional support, effective training sessions and recipe resources, which will ensure the best results for our participants.

The details 

Mondays, Thursdays  9:15 AM - 45 minutes 

Sessions located at Moama Sound Shell,
4 Blair St, Moama NSW 2731

MONDAYS, TUESDAYS,  THURSDAYS (this session is with Tumble Tots)
9:15 AM 45x Minute sessions - With the possibility of adding an extra session on Tuesday Mornings.

No LOCK IN Contracts, only 4 weeks cancellation notice required.


1 Session per week: $14.90
2 Sessions per week: $27.50
3 Sessions per week: $ 34.90 

5 Class Pack (valid for 8 weeks) $85

Program Includes 

  • Helping women gain their confidence back through Health & Fitness & learn to love their body again, post children

  • New Nutrition plan designed by a Nutritionist

  • No crazy STRICT diets just healthy wholesome eating

  • A variety of training sessions, boxing, strength and conditioning, XFit Style, Kettlebells, HIIT, Circuit Training and much more

  • Specific weight loss & toning program  

  • Opportunity to bring prams, children from newborn to primary school age

  • Nutritional guidelines & support

  • Recipes for Mum’s & children

  • Ongoing inspiration to live a more Active, Healthy Life

  • Exclusive private access to our Mums Gunn Health & Fitness Facebook Group community 

  • Monthly progress tracking for results

  • All fitness levels welcome

  • Train & meet a wonderful community of like minded Mums

  • Safe, fun & effective training for postpartum Mums & beyond

  • Free coffee and catch up every 8 weeks

Be part of our exclusive online community 

The exclusive access to our private Facebook group, is specifically for women doing our program, it is designed to guide you through your health, fitness & motherhood journey. Our trainers are constantly sharing healthy resources for women and families, weekly meal plans and recipes to inspire and educate. We also encourage you to share your own experiences and journey with other members, to establish a strong community of support!

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Briana Doyle

Thanks to Mel’s Spring Challenge, her expert advice, a few simple tweaks to my weekly food, awesome group fitness sessions and some simple, effective home workouts, I was able to achieve results well and truly beyond what I ever thought I would get back to, let alone with a 2½ year old boy and a 7 month old baby girl!

Training with Mel has been life-changing for me. Not only did I reach my physical goals during the 8-week challenge, but I also gained my confidence back after having my kids which I will be forever grateful for. Training with other mums has been so fun- we all challenge and support each other under the guidance of Mel. Every session is so different and Mel is always challenging and pushing us to our full potential. She has so much knowledge in not only training but nutrition and healthy living as well. Absolutely love it !
Mel’s going to be stuck with me for a long time!!